About Kluger Haus

Kluger Haus is a creative studio, specialising in photography and writing services. 

We are visual storytellers. From family and wedding albums to beautifully produced corporate brochures and reports, we cover it all. 

Kluger Haus was set up by Kylie Kluger in late 2015. Kylie has worked for 20 years in media and public affairs. The Kluger Haus style of work is influenced by Kylie's background in news journalism; it's clean and professional... with an element of quirk.

Photographic services include:

  • Family portraits
  • Weddings and engagements
  • Special events
  • Corporate

For more information about our writing and communications services please contact hello@klugerhaus.com.au


Meet Kylie

When I was 10, I was given my first camera. The year was 1987. The camera was bright red. I loved it. It went everywhere with me and I documented pretty much everything. Later that year I set up a design studio (in my parents attic!) and produced my first publication, a monthly magazine that I distributed around our street.

Fast forward a few decades and my passion for storytelling is still strong. Since putting together my first mag, I’ve worked as a journalist, television news producer, editor, communications manager and photographer. I'm also a mum to two little ones. Oh, and I’ve upgraded my camera.  Quite a few times…

I love photographing people. At weddings, family milestones, corporate events... or just because. I love standing back and capturing great moments with a natural feel and a sense of honesty.

I'm a big believer that the best stories come from real life. Let me tell yours... xx